№1. My Classmates

I have many friends in my class. They're lovely and interesting. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She's also kind to everyone and she's very enthusiastic. She's always ready to help everyone, but she is forgetful. She always forgets to bring her textbooks, but our teachers always forgive her. Ben is the most talkative boy in our class. His nickname is “chatterbox.” He has a great sense of humor and he always makes me laugh Linda is a quiet student. She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Allen is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well and he is on our school team. He often says, “playing basketball is good for your health. How about your classmates? Do you like them? Try to admire your classmates. You will be happier. 翻译 :


我有很多朋友在我的课。他们是可爱和有趣。我要介绍其中的一些。爱丽丝是非常可爱。她还客气的每一个人,她非常热情。她总是愿意帮助每个人,但她是健忘的。她总是忘了把她的教科书,但我们的老师总是原谅她。本是最健谈的男孩在我们的课堂。他的昵称是“喋喋不休。 ”他有一个伟大的幽默感,他总是让我笑琳达是一个安静的学生。她是好每一个问题,但她从不炫耀。艾伦是一个非常高大的男孩。他打篮球很好,他是我们的校队。他常说: “打篮球是很好的为您的健康。你的同学怎么样?你喜欢他们吗?尝试欣赏你的同学。你将快乐。

№2. Movies

Today was very clear with no wind.

I practiced basktball in the morning.Then I went to the movies with Sandy.Isaw White Nights.It was a very nice movie!I liked "Say you,say me"best of all the songs.I'm fond of seeing musicals.The dancing is very beautiful and the music is pretty.





№3. My friend

Hi,my name is※※※.Ihave a good friend.her name is ※※※.She is thirteen years old.she is very fun and she can sing.She is kind of pretty.But she is not tall.

Her house is far from our middle school,so shegoes to school by bike.Her bike is pink.I like her bike.

She is good student.

翻译:嗨,我的名字是※ ※ ※ 。 我有一个很好的朋友.她的名子是※ ※ ※ 。她十三岁.她非常幽默,她可以唱歌.她有点漂亮.但她个子不高。





Happy to chat, afternoon some singing, some together for shopping, playing very pleased.

在7月2日,我很早起床,开始和爸爸妈妈一起准备,我帮着装饰,爸爸打扫屋子In July 2, I get up very early to begin preparations with her mother and father, I helping decoration, cleaning the house my father, my mother prepared meals, by noon, parents of friends,妈妈准备饭菜,到了中午,爸爸妈妈的朋友来了,开心的聊天,大家吃着美味的饭菜, and everyone eating delicious meals



1 This week I didn't do many wonderful things. I went to learn developing film with my classmates on July 1st. It was easy and we all got good marks. On July 4th, I went to school to learn, because I will be a junior three student soon. We would have to learn some lessons in advance. The weather was very hot. But I didn't feel that learning lessons was boring. Some teachers are new. They are good I think, although they are all looked strict. And the lessons were not too bad. This week was the beginning of this summer holiday, but it was really typical 2 Mostly, I went to school to have lessons this week. It was hard but we must experience, wasn't it? But on Saturday I finished my first learning. And the second learning will begin on Aug 1st. I can have a break and do what I want to do. On Saturday I went shopping. Indeed I didn't buy many things. I just wanted to relax. And then I played on the computer, sang , watched TV, etc. I just wanted to amuse myself. I went to swim on Sunday, although I didn't swim very well. I felt cool during this hot time. I also played with my mother. She couldn't swim so I taught her. I sometimes played a trick on her. I had a good time there. 3 This week I mostly stayed at home and did some homework. Last Saturday HP6 had just come out. And many Harry Potter fans went to buy it. I did't buy it because it was too expensive, but I downloaded it on the Internet. It was in English. Many people went on translating as soon as the book came out. I also took part in it and became a part of the translating group. From this group, I first realized that my English was so poor. I needed to look up in the dictionary all the time. It was really troublesome. But I withheld and withheld. I had translated many paragraphs. I was the youngest among the translators, but I didn't feel there was much pressure. This work was hard but I really felt happy. We had already finished nearly 20 chapters 4 I went to the Forest Park with my old friend this Thursday. Although it was hot, we had a wonderful time there. We played a lot, such as corsair, bumper cars, Arabian Flying Blanket and so on. We felt excited indeed. That day was also my friend's birthday. I bought a comic strip for her because she likes cartoon very much. She also invited me to her new flat to play. At last she gave me a heart made of crystal. She really moved me. On Sunday afternoon our translating group had finally finished all chapters! I was really excited. Although our translation was not very fluent and nice, even a little abrupt, it was our outcome. It was our effort. When I saw my name on the heroic translator list, I was really proud of myself. 5 On Monday the typhoon had gone. Luckily it was not hurricane. And it had only been here for 2 days. Also after this typhoon, not many people lost their lives. On Saturday I finally finished my second learning. Some students were very happy because we finished all summer learning. But some students sighed because of the heavy homework. I wasn't sad and wasn't happy, either. I just know we have been junior three students. We must work hard to enter a good senior high school and pave the way for the future. So heavier homework, shorter holiday and more study are all a must6) School's finally over! My family might go traveling during the summer. I hope we can go to Europe since it's cold there all year round. I don't like the hot weather! But I don't know if we'll be able to go there yet. Also, my mom and I are going shopping tomorrow for some summer clothes, since I've grown out of my shorts from last year. Hopefully I can find some inexpensive and cute pieces!7) I'm really upset because my friend and I were suppose to go see a movie, but she cancelled on me last minute! I was really looking foward to hanging out with her. Now I think I'm stuck home all day. Maybe I can get someone else to see a movie with me, but I don't know who else to ask. Anyways, my family probably won't go to Europe, which is upsetting. My parents are super busy and can't get off of work for too long. My dad said we might take a short trip to the beach and relax. Even though that's not as exciting as going to Europe, it's better than nothing!8) My mom took me to the book store today to get some novels and also some books for school. Time is going by super fast, summer's too short! Tonight my cousins are visiting. I haven't seen them in a long time so hopefully we'll have a great time together. We are going out for dinner at a steak house! I love steak but it's so expensive so we don't have it very often. Also, tomorrow we are going to plan our trip to the beach! My mom and dad are trying to find a hotel by the beach


It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.这是第一天,我们的暑假。我们大家都非常高兴。为什么?因为我们有一个月的事我们都爱做的事。我们很空闲.虽然我们有一些功课。但是,我们可以完成他们的若干天。其余的时间我们可以好好利用。我的上帝!我们已经很疲惫后很难学习。在冬季假期,我希望能有充分的很好吃的食物,以补充自己。最后但并非最不重要,我会好好休息。 It was the second day of our summer holiday. I felt good. I felt I am free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Zhongshan. So I live alone but I don't feel lonely. But I didn't do something special. I stayed at home and watched TV. Oh! I wrote an Englishdaily composition. It was my homework. Today, I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired. It was time for dinner. I must go! I am very hungry. 这是我们第二天的暑假。我感觉很好。我觉得我很自由。我有很多时间做我喜欢。我的父母都在中山。所以,我独自生活,但我并不感到孤独。但是,我没有做什么特别。我住在家里看电视。噢!我写了英语日记组成。这是我的功课。今天,我睡了14 小时.我以为我很疲惫。现在是吃晚饭。我必须去!我非常渴望。July 10 2009 I am planning to spend my summer holiday on sports this year. Playing basketball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play basketball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game. 我计划花费我暑假体育今年。打篮球是我最喜欢的,所以我的一些同学和我将组建一个小团队,一起打篮球。有时,我们可能有一些其他的比赛队伍和我喜欢的感觉,当我们赢了这场比赛。July 14 2009 Today I found time was a cruel thing. Whatever man is, time always goes on. It won't stay to wait for somebody. You can't use anything to exchange time. Time is also a fair thing. Although you have a lot of money or you enjoy high reputation, time won't leave them more. Today I found I hadn't enough time. Although I have more than amonth holiday, but I found I had a lot of things to do. I had a lot of homework to do and I am essential to complete the homework as soon as I have time. 今天,我发现时间是一个残忍的事情。无论男人,总是对的时间。它不会留下来等待某人。您不能使用任何交流时间。时间也是一个公平的事情。虽然你有很多钱,或者您享有很高的声誉,时间不会离开他们更多。今天,我发现我已经没有足够的时间。虽然我已经超过一个月假期,但我发现我有很多事情要做。我有很多功课要做,我必须完成的功课只要我有时间。July 16 2009 I have rested for 10 days. In these days, I felt very bored. I didn't know to do what. Although I had a lot of things to do, I felt uncomfortable. I was ill because of the hot weather. I was tired, sleepy and had no strength. My parents are worried about my health. in fact, it didn't matter. I was always in the room with airconditioner and opened it in a low temperature. So when I went out, the high temperature disagreed to me.At last, I was ill. 我已经休息了10天。在这些日子里,我觉得很无聊。我不知道做什么。虽然我有很多事情要做,我觉得不舒服。我生病是因为炎热的天气。我累了,困,也没有力量。我的父母担心我的健康。事实上,这并不重要。我总是在房间空调打开了它在低温。因此,当我走了出去,高温不给我.在最后,我被虐待。July 16 2009 It was sunny today. I was excited. I got up at a quarter to seven. I made a appointment to meet at nine o'clock. After I had my breakfast, I went to the Wanjia Market . It was hot outside. When I arrived, my friends didn't arrive. I waited for him in front of the KFC's door. I haven't seen them for a year. And in a year, we didn't come into contact with others frequently. About ten minutes left, my friends arrived one by one. After we greeted,we went to play basketball in Liwan Gymnasium. The match last for tow hours.Oh!I fill very happy today! 这是今天阳光明媚。我很兴奋。我得到了在六时四十五分。我的任命,以满足九点钟。之后,我有我的早餐,我去了万家市场。这是热外面。当我到达,我的朋友们并没有达成。我等待着他前面的肯德基的大门。我还没有看到他们为一年。并在一年内,我们没有接触到其他人频繁。约10分钟离开,我的朋友们来到一个又一个。在我们迎接,我们去打球荔湾体育馆。这场比赛最后的拖车小时.Oh


楼主自己删改一下1.It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.1.这是第一天,我们的暑假。我们大家都非常高兴。为什么?因为我们有一个月的事我们都爱做的事。我们很空闲.虽然我们有一些功课。但是,我们可以完成他们的若干天。其余的时间我们可以好好利用。我的上帝!我们已经很疲惫后很难学习。在冬季假期,我希望能有充分的很好吃的食物,以补充自己。最后但并非最不重要,我会好好休息。2.I am planning to spend my Winter holiday on sports this year. Playing volleyball is always my favourite, so some of my classmates and I will form a small team and play volleyball together. Sometimes we may have a match against some other teams and I do enjoy the sense when we win the game. 2。我计划花费我的冬天假日体育今年。打排球是我最喜欢的,所以我的一些同学和我将组建一个小团队,一起打排球。有时候我们会有一场对阵其他球队,我喜欢的感觉,当我们赢了这场比赛.3.My Happy Times During Winter Vacation I often go to see my grandma and grandpa during winter vacation. They are both seventy years old and live in the country happily. I can do many interesting things there. I am used to getting up early in the morning and breathing the fresh air in the countryside. After snow, I would like to skate and ski with my friends. When night comes, I am used to sitting by the fire and listening to grandma telling me many funny stories. And I tell her some new things happening in the city. When I have to go back, I am always reluctant to go. I really feel happy living in the country.3.寒假期间我经常去看望我的爷爷奶奶。他们都已经70岁了,住在乡下。我可以在那里做很多有趣的事情。我习惯一大清早起床呼吸乡下的新鲜空气。下雪后,我喜欢跟同伴们一起滑雪滑冰。夜幕降临时,我就坐在火炉边,听奶奶讲动听的故事。我也会给她讲一些城里的新鲜事。每次该回城时,我总是恋恋不舍。我确实喜欢乡下的生活。4.Today I had a good time. It was my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to his home to celebrate his birthday. My mother cooked many delicious food and we brought a big birthday cake. We got together to have a big family dinner. We gave grandpa some presents and said, "Happy birthday to you!" In the afternoon we went boating in the park. We enjoyed ourselves, and my grandpa had a nice time on his birthday.4. 今天我玩得很愉快。今天是爷爷的生日,我们全家去爷爷家为他庆祝生日。妈妈做了许多好吃的,我们买了一个大蛋糕。我们举行了一个大型家庭聚会。我们送给爷爷一些礼物,并说:“祝您生日快乐。” 下午我们去公园划船。我们玩得很开心,爷爷过了一个愉快的生日。5.It was Christmas Day yesterday. We had a Christmas party at school. Many friends of mine came to the party. After we said"Merry Christmas", we began to sing Christmas songs, such as Edelweiss, andso on. Then we told some Christmas stories, such as Christmas Father. Then I danced and laughted with my friends. We all had a good time. When the party came to the end,we said "Happy New Year" to each other.5. 昨天是圣诞节,我们在学校举办了圣诞晚会,我的许多朋友都来参加晚会。我们互道“圣诞快乐”后,开始唱圣诞歌,像“雪绒花”等。然后我们讲圣诞故事,如“圣诞老人”等,我们都玩得很开心。当晚会即将结束时,我们互祝“新年快乐”。6. It was Christmas Day yesterday. I had a good time with my friends. We had a Christmas Party at school. We sang many Christmas songs and told some Christmas stories. We knew after Christmas the New Year was coming. So we said "Happy New Year" to each other. We made up our mind that we would study hard to make great progress in the coming year.6. 昨天是圣诞节,我和我的朋友过得很愉快。我们在学校举办了圣诞晚会。我们唱了许多圣诞歌,讲了一些圣诞故事。我们知道圣诞节后,新年即将来临,所以我们互祝“新年快乐”。我们下决心在即将来临的一年中努力学习,以取得更大的进步。7.The bell rang and the class was over. The classroom became noisy. Some students went out of the classroom. I was just chatting with some of my classmates when Li Hong came to me. She smiled and said to me, "What's four minus four? Do you know?" "It's zero. That is easy." answered I. But Li Hong shook her head and said "It's wrong. It's eight." "


Today, I saw a roadside beggar. He is a middleaged man, only two arms, and no legs. His arms come the hard ground prowling, also holding the hand of a begging bowl. Really pathetic, I can not help giving him 10 yuan. If we sacrificed our love, the world will be brighter.



I was depressed because I couldnt understand an English book after I bought it. I could understand nothing. I thought maybe I should study English hard and only by this could I learn a lot of knowledge and understand English aw well as communicate with others in English. I told myself, 'just go'.第二篇:今天我开通了自己的免费论坛,我很高兴。因为我可以在那里做很多事。我决定要好好改造我的论坛,让他变得很新奇。然后我就会慢慢地让他成长起来,同时在那里写下我的心声。那样我会很快乐。Today, I opened my free forum and I was very happy because I could do a lot of things there. I decided to upgrade my forum and make it interesting. Then I will make it grow up and at the same time, I can write down what I want to say there. I will be very happy.第三篇:今天,我做了一个决定,有的时候我会不自信。所以我要每天早上起床后对着镜子说一遍加油。因为我认为那样会使我变得自信。那样,我就可以大胆的去做一些我想要做却会紧张的事。现在,我要说一句:加油!I made a decision today. Becuase I often lose my confidence, I decide tell myself 'go' in front of mirror after getting up every day. I believe this will make me confident. Thus, I can do things I want bravely. Now, I will say, 'Keep going'.第四篇:今天,我帮助了奶奶做家务。奶奶的身体不好。我以后要常帮她做事。这样她就会高兴身体也会好一些。突然觉得,人老了真不好。不但身体不会好,而且一不小心就会惹得大家讨厌。我又做了一个决定,以后一定要做个乖孩子。Today, I did housework for grandmother. She is not very healthy and I decide to do housework for her more frequently. And she will feel happy and become better. Suddenly, an idea hit me that it's terrible to grow old becuase you have to worry about both your health and others' opinions. Once again, I make a decision to be a good girl.第五篇:今天和爸爸一起出去吃饭。吃饭的时候要敬酒。那里没有果汁。我就拿了一瓶啤酒开始到处敬酒。喝了一瓶酒后,我的脸红了,但没有醉。我认为啤酒并不难喝,但我还是要少喝酒。因为我还只是一个学生。I went out to have dinner with father today. I should make toast during the dinner but there was no juice availabe. So I had a bottle of beer. My face turned red but I was not drunk. I dont think beer tastes bad but I wont like have it too much because I am only a student.第六篇:今天妈妈告诉我马上我们就要去桂林玩了。我很高兴也很期待。因为那里的景色很美。但是还要等一天,我有点迫不及待了。我想,那里的人一定很有礼貌。我也要学着礼貌一点。只有这样,我们才能和睦相处。Mother told me that we will go to Guilin for a trip today. I am very excited because the views there are beautiful. But there is still one day to go and I feel impatient. I think people there must be polite and so should I. Otherwise, we couldnt get well along with each other.第七篇:现在我坐在开往桂林的火车上。一路的风景很美。我也很开心。妈妈告诉我,还有一天就可以到桂林了。我们买了很多东西,很重。所以我帮妈妈提了几个袋子。妈妈说我长大了,我很开心的微笑。Now I am on the train to Guilin. The views are beautiful and I feel happy. Mother told me there is only one day to go to arrive in Guilin. We bought a lot of stuffs and they are heavy. So I took some bags from mother. She said I am growing up and I smiled happily.第八篇:今天终于到了桂林,我们吃过早饭后就出发去漓江。坐上了船后,我们听着导游的讲解,观赏着风景。可是我发现漓江的水很脏,有很多人在那里洗衣服。我很气愤。在接下来的旅途中很无聊我也很疲惫。Finally, we arrived in Guilin. After breakfast, we went to River Li. We listened to the guide and enjoyed the views on boat. But I found the water in River Li is dirty, many people washed clothes there. I feel angry and the trip became boring and exhausting.第九篇:今天和最好的朋友一起出去玩。我们来到公园后,却下起了好大的雨。我们无处可躲。在雨中奔跑着。可是我们却很高兴。因为有彼此的安慰。过了一会,雨停了。我陪着她回家。然后在她家玩了一会,他留我在那里吃饭。可我拒绝了,因为有些不好意思。今天我很快乐,马上就开学了,真想快点见到同学们。Today, I went out with my best friend. When we arrived at the park, it rained. We had to run in the rain because we couldnt find a place to hide. But we still feel happy because we could comfort each other. The rain stopped later and I accompanied her go home. We played in her home for a while and she invited me for dinner. I refused because I feel it will bring trouble to his family. I am happy today because the new term is coming. I really want to see my classmates

初一英语日记带翻译20字左右、、急 跪求


This morning, the sky is cloudless, spring. My friends and I went to the park flying a kite, flying a kite in the park so many people, some is small swallow; some birds; there is I most like the phoenix. The sky was a riot of colours, like a blossoming be riotous with colour clouds really beautiful ah! We play happy!


Today, my sister and me to a dirty dog take a shower, sister to bring water, then used washbasin and soap, we first make the dog water wet, and then rubbed with soap and rub a rub, finally washed with clean water! The dog is white and beautiful!


Home to the floor dirty, my mother did not come home, I decided to sweep the floor. Say to work, I took a broom to clean, a dustbin full and take out the garbage. Although the waist is sour, people also tired, sweating sweat dripping, can see the clean floor, my heart is sweet


Grandma's hand in hand to work every day, the heart rough coarse hair. Every time I go to touch her hand, as in touch a old bark. I thought: today I'm going to help grandma do some housework, take this as a holiday gift to send grandma.


英语学习对于我来说是一件很难的事情,因为工作生活应用的很少,所以很多知识都已经淡忘了.但是英语学习对我来说,又是一件很有兴趣和意义的事情.因为我的家乡日照正在成为国家性的海滨城市,有许多外宾来到这里游玩,作为主人,如果能流利使用英语交流,将是一件很有意义的事情.所以尽管英语学习很难,但是我不准备放弃. in my life the most important matter pays attention to the little nephew's growth. he places since childhood in my family, i look like mother to love him equally. after going to school, every day i will inquire he the study, will care about his health. i can be redundant every day a few words to him, the child, must study well, is upward daily. english study regarding me is a very difficult matter, because the work life application are very few, therefore many knowledge already faded from the memory. but english study for me, is also one has the interest and the significance matter very much. because my hometown sunshine is becoming the country coast city, many foreign guests arrive at here to play, take the master, if can use english to exchange fluently, will be a very meaningful matter. therefore english study is very freely difficult, but i do not prepare to give up.


Today is my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to my grandpa's home in the morning. We got together to have a big family dinner to celebrate his birthady. We bought a big birthday cake and gave some presents to my grandpa. In the afternoon, we went to the park to go boating. We had a good time. My grandpa had a nice time on his birthday. 今天是爷爷的生日,我们全家早晨回到爷爷家.我们举行了大型家庭聚会来庆祝爷爷的生日.我们买了一个大生日蛋糕,并且送给爷爷一些礼物. 下午我们去公园划船.我们玩得很开心,爷爷过了一个愉快的生日. Today I had a good time. It was my grandpa's birthday. Our family went back to his home to celebrate his birthday. My mother cooked many delicious food and we brought a big birthday cake. We got together to have a big family dinner. We gave grandpa some presents and said, "Happy birthday to you!"In the afternoon we went boating in the park. We enjoyed ourselves, and my grandpa had a nice time on his birthday. 今天我玩得很愉快.今天是爷爷的生日,我们全家去爷爷家为他庆祝生日.妈妈做了许多好吃的,我们买了一个大蛋糕.我们举行了一个大型家庭聚会.我们送给爷爷一些礼物,并说:“祝您生日快乐.” 下午我们去公园划船.我们玩得很开心,爷爷过了一个愉快的生日. My bedroom My bedroom is very clean and beautiful Bedroom placed a big bookcase and a high chest, and a piece of bed. I have read the book neatly on the shelf, I put the toys in the toy box, my best picture is me against the wall. You look neat and tidy! My bedroom is blue, with blue curtains, blue bed, blue table and a drawer, the most interesting is the blue wardrobe door on soldiers, horses, Shi and other chess pieces. 我的卧室 我的卧室很整洁漂亮。 卧室里摆放着一个大大的书柜和一个个高高的衣柜,还有一张床。我把看过的书整齐地放在书架上,我把玩具整理在玩具箱内,我最好的画被我贴在墙上。你看多整洁呀! 我的卧室主要是蓝色的,有蓝色的窗帘,蓝色的床,蓝色的桌子和抽屉,最有趣的是蓝色衣柜门上还贴着兵、马、仕等象棋子。


Today is sunday.In the moring,my friends go to my home to see me.Because I am ill. why am I ill ? Of course ,because of the bad weather.when they are in my home,I am very happy.So I am healthy fast ,thank you,my friends! 今天是星期天。早上,我的朋友去我家看我。因为我生病了。 为什么我生病了呢?当然是因为差的天气。当他们在我家的时候,我是非常的开心。因此我的病恢复得很快,感谢我的朋友们!

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